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Edward & Elizabeth, First Look and formals at The Great Saltair

Saturday was a dream come true with these two love birds. I think I was as excited to see Elizabeth in her dress as Ed was!!! First looks are always some of my favorites - because most of the time we are focused on the bride, but for this...we capture the groom's reaction as he sees his love in her dress for the first time. Ed was so anxious as he waited, and it was so fun to keep stalling until "the moment". He got the biggest smile on his face, and you could feel the lo

Edward and Elizabeth, Engagement Session at Mt. Timpanogos Park

Favorite quote from this session was from Ed... "It wasn't as awkward kissing in front of you as I thought it would be!" haha. I told him it's a good thing because it would be happening quite a bit the next couple months! When I met these two just before this shoot, I immediately knew we'd be great friends and have a lot of fun!...and that was so true! Ed and Elizabeth are perfect for each other....since you know, I get to make that kind of decision. ;) They are beautiful

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